Marking The Unit Can Accelerate The Training Process:

Dogs strongly “defend” their territory when they smell another dog on the grass. They will eradicate the other dog’s scent by peeing (marking) over the same spot. Making the unit smell like another dog has been there is powerful and easy to do!

Simply wipe the actual scent of another dog on the potty training grass mat. Bring a slightly damp paper towel to a popular fire hydrant in your neighborhood, the dog park, or anywhere that you notice other dogs peeing. Dab the paper towel on the surface and place it in a plastic baggy to bring home where you will wipe/wring the scent onto the DoggieLawn. The urine of other mammals will also work (you’re a mammal by the way).

Another way to get the scent of another dog is by asking friends or neighbors who also have dogs for their help! Have them wad up a paper towel into a stick and put it under their dog's urine stream. Place the towel in a plastic bag and give it you so that you can then wipe it on the DoggieLawn (do not leave the towel on the grass). 


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