Unlike the sod you would find at a garden center, our grass provides a durable matting of roots and fertile soil.  The structure under the grass is excellent at absorbing liquids (like urine) so if used as directed there’s no leaking and no odor (with normal use)! Like most grass you’ll find some sand or soil, but none of the messy, clay-like dirt.

We ship the hydroponic variety from the west coast. Recently we've added local alternative varieties for dog families that order the XL version and live in the central and eastern parts of the country. These varieties are not hydroponic but offer their own advantages. First, they're cheaper! We have to pay less to ship them to you and pass that savings to you. Second, they're better for the planet because they use less fuel to get to you. Finally, they work just as well as the hydroponic variety and your dog can't tell the difference.

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